Ridiculously Fast 'sprintf()' for Node.js

Today I was reminded of one of my neatest Node.js hacks. A few years ago, in the process of optimizing how Rackspace Cloud Monitoring compiles »

Cast Preview Release

For the last few months I've been working on and off for Cloudkick (now Rackspace) on a project that we are calling Cast. I'm happy to »

Directory-Backed Resources in Node.js

After writing my last post about the flow control techniques we are using in cast I realized that the process of writing the post was probably »

Flow Control in Node.js

Late last summer I began working on Cloudkick's new deployment tool, cast which is written in Node.js. At the time I had only minimal experience »

Projects, Projects, Projects

I'm nearly half way through my senior year here at Oregon State University (if all goes well I should graduate in June), but for the next »