Static Blogging

I’ve decided to give blogging another shot. Since I only have 360MB of RAM on my VPS, and plan to use it for a number of other services, I want to keep resource use to a minimum. I’ve been playing with nginx and love it, but what to use for the blog? I’m not going to run MySQL just for a blog, which rules out Wordpress and Drupal. I really don’t like SQLite. And as much as I like Django (which supports Postgres which I’m running anyway), the Django blogging apps I looked at just weren’t quite what I wanted.

So I started looking at static website generators. I’ve heard a lot of good things aboutĀ Jekyll, but I’m not ready to install Ruby just to generate a static site. Then I foundĀ Hyde. It uses the Django template engine, can parse a bunch of different markup formats and doesn’t make a lot of assumptions about how you will use it. It’s a little confusing at first and I’m still getting it set up, but I’m going to put the whole thing in a public git repo in case anyone is curious.