Next Adventure: ScaleFT

In 2008 I stumbled across the opportunity to work as a sysadmin at the OSU Open Source Lab. When I started there I didn’t have much experience with internet infrastructure, but it quickly became a passion of mine and inspired a mission that has had a profound influence on my life. My Twitter profile has a (necessarily) succinct summary of that mission:

Building infrastructure that makes the internet more usable to more people.

I’ve had a great time pursuing this mission at Cloudkick, and at Rackspace after we were acquired in December of 2010. I’ve met countless great people and learned a ton from them. I’ve worked with (and on) a bunch of great teams that are doing great work and furthering this mission more than I ever could alone.

But its time for the next step in my mission. Yesterday some good friends and I announced our new company, ScaleFT.

At ScaleFT we’re focusing on improving how teams use infrastructure and working to make those interactions more collaborative and ultimately easier, safer and more fun. Tools like GitHub have proven the power of collaboration when applied to writing code. We’re going to bring that same power to interactions with infrastructure.

Time to get hacking.