Dynamic Blogging

So after my brief stint using Hyde I’ve decided that its just not quite right for me.

That being said I still hoped to avoid the A, M and P pillars of the LAMP stack, so I wasn’t going to just roll out a Wordpress or Drupal instance. I investigated a few existing Django blog solutions but in the end decided to just make my own.

So here it is. Its nowhere near done, but as I work I keep finding topics to blog about, so I finally decided to just get something online so at least I can use it in the process.

The application is a collection of Django ‘apps’ that handle comments, blog posts, navigation and static pages.

The application is running on the CherryPy WSGI Server using Peter Baumgartner’s django_cpserver. Public connections are proxied through nginx, which also serves static media and will eventually be used for limited caching. Configuring this was trivial, merely a matter of sropping django_cpserver into the site root, running ‘./manage.py runcpserver’ then adding a proxypass line to the nginx config.

Also I’ve imported the two posts I made on my static blog.

More to come on all of this…